The Beginning

I’ve resisted diaries and journals most of my life. Perhaps it was simply that when I sat down to write I had nothing to say, or nothing I thought was worth writing. Why would anyone really care what I had to say or had done. Blogs are just journals in another place and form.

In a former life I also did a great deal of “dispensing advice” or telling other people how they ought to live their lives. Because of my position that was my responsibility and people sought it out. I became thoroughly sick of giving advice and telling people how to live so I quit. It because extremely distasteful to me.

I prefer to think of this as a way station for people who, like me, are living and would like to find out what others have discovered. If it helps that’s great, if you find it true, wonderful, if not, then keep looking and come back and share what you’ve found.

That is the essense of Daoism. Anyone can find “the Truth”. In fact only you can find the truth for yourself and you do yourself an injustice abdicating that responsibility to someone else. Daoism is about practice, observation and discovery with more practice and observation to follow.

This is not to say there is no objective reality. I’m not an advocate of the idea that you “create your own reality” as if you alter reality by the power of your desire or that there is no objective reality but only what we percieve. There are not multiple realities, there is only one and we all live in it. The problem is that we convince ourselves reality is other than it is and then live that illusion.

So, this is hopefully about reality.

I have studied martial arts for around twelve years and Daoism for about that long. I sit zazen regularly. I have a regular job, children and all the other stuff we all deal with. Please feel free to post here just practice compassion to others who also post. We are all in this together.

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