I graduated from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with a BA in psychology and a whole lot of philosophy. However, I had been “converted” before college to a fundamentalist brand of Christianity. Throughout college I attended a very conservative Bible Church in the area and was an active member of The Navigators, an evangelical campus group. As a result I largely ignored my education and headed to Seminary thinking I had a “call” to the ministry despite having spent little time in the church. Mostly what attracted me was the idea of teaching, preaching and counseling.

In 1975 I entered Westminster Theological Seminary from which I graduated in 1980 with an M.Div degree. I continued into the M.Th program in Old Testament Biblical Studies. I completed all the requirements for that program with the exception of the thesis. During seminary I began attending the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in which I was ordained in 1981. During the following sixteen years I was an active minister in that denomination as a Teaching Elder and sometimes pastor. For the first three years I pastored a church in the Chicagoland area. I left that church in 1984. What followed was a year of mostly unemployment. sending out a lot of letters, and having some interviews but no “calls” to any other churches in either the OPC or PCA. As a result I began working for a Savings and Loan in Matthews, North Carolina which eventually led to a job in IT. I’ve been employed in IT since, largely in the financial arena.

During my time in Charlotte I served as a Teaching Elder in an OPC church and served in two mission works overseen by that church as a liaison to the session and teacher/preacher . In 1991 I moved with my employer to Vermont where I served first as an interim pastor and then as the pastor of another OPC church until I left that church in 1995. In 1997 I was released from my ordination by the Presbytery due to inactivity in not seeking a call. Shortly after that I realized I could no longer believe what I had believed or been taught in seminary and finally embraced my inner atheist. I have been somewhat “out” as an atheist since 2003 and completely “out” as an atheist since the beginning of this year, 2011.

Currently I subscribe to what I would loosely call secular Buddhism. This blog is an expression of my transitional experience past, present and future.

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